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moulin rouge, come what may
_t0xicxkitten wrote in girlsmoke
Hello. Names Lyn, I'm 21.

I believe I use to be a member of this community, but since i quit, i left. i'm back now, yeah.

I was curious if anyone knew where I might be able to find California Dreams and Nat Sherman Fantasia Lights cigarettes in NJ (prefer) or PA? I don't really want to have to order 5 packs of each from an online store. When I smoked before I wanted to try these 2 brands but never did. I'd like to try them now. OR, If anyone has these and is willing to sell, I could pay you threw paypal.

Well, thanks all.

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sorry can't help you with buying them, if they were super cheap down here in florida i'd sell them to you. But nice choice on the nat sherman fantasia lights, they look like crayons and smoke beautifully long.

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