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Smoking is Sex

....light it up baby

Please read and sign if you agree with what I'm doing
Wanna know a joke?
I've created this petition in hopes to legalize Marijuana in the state of West Virginia. My goal is to reach 700,000 signatures. I've stated nothing but facts in my petition, I've researched this particular drug for a very long time now and the knowledge is from personal experience as well as scientific research.

If one state can make this goal come to life, someone else may become inspired to do the same thing. Nothing is impossible.

If you decided to sign the petition, thank you!

http://www.change.org/petitions/view/the_advantages_of_legalizing_marijuana That's the link.

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moulin rouge, come what may
Hello. Names Lyn, I'm 21.

I believe I use to be a member of this community, but since i quit, i left. i'm back now, yeah.

I was curious if anyone knew where I might be able to find California Dreams and Nat Sherman Fantasia Lights cigarettes in NJ (prefer) or PA? I don't really want to have to order 5 packs of each from an online store. When I smoked before I wanted to try these 2 brands but never did. I'd like to try them now. OR, If anyone has these and is willing to sell, I could pay you threw paypal.

Well, thanks all.


weedweedweed, and stuff to keep you amused while you're baked today. i'm just thinkin' of you, kidz.Collapse )

video: legalize shrooms!

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I almost ran off the road.
panda, cunts

I could not believe I heard this and just wanted to share it with you guys.

I was in my car yesterday listening to talk radio (i'm a political junkie), but the only radio station is conservative right wing bullshit. I was listening to the hour where people call in, and this REDNECK republican dude called in, talking about the first thing we need to do was stop drug testing for employment. He was saying that you should only be tested for the level of intoxication (to see if you're high/drunk at work). I thought my car was going to hit the floor when the talk show host agreed with him, stating it's unconstitutional. I was like WOW...

I was so shocked to hear that. I'm all for no drug testing for work. That would solve all my fucking problems.

Also, for those who have a myspace my have noticed but NORML is running a campaign to vote for marijuana reform on the website www.change.org   right now this topic is leading. HELP VOTE! They will submit the highest voted idea to Obama at some big press conference sometime after jan. 15. JAN 15 IS THE LAST DAY TO VOTE!!

Peace out Girl Scouts

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only good thing about being dumped by my boyfriend?
now i can smoke and nobody will get on my case.

but its still kind of shitty.


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lymph node?
So I'm not really worried.
since im way to laid back towards most aspects of my life, but i was wondering,
i've been smoking for about a year and a half now.
i've begun to notice that after a couple cigs my nymph nodes start to swell and it hurts to swallow.
is this normal?
XD i don't really care, it would just be nice to know whats causing it.